Beach Volleyball Camp

What is a beach volleyball camp?

About beach volleyball camps

The first beach volleyball camps were organized around 20 years ago in USA. They were set up by famous beach volleyball players such as Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos. The core idea of these camps was to teach children how to play beach volleyball.

Over the years, beach volley started to be more popular not only among younger persons, but also attracted many adults. Around 15 years ago, several facilities for indoor sand volleyball had been constructed in Europe. The indoor beach volleyball stadiums provide great opportunity to play not only in the summertime, but also during winter. These winter-summer seasons stimulated the expansion of amateur beach volleyball: clubs, camps and tournaments.

Today you may find an outdoor or indoor beach volleyball court almost in every European city. There are a lot of clubs, competitions and camps.

What is it all about?

Beach volleyball camps are the new way to try an active vacation in 2020. It is a sports event that brings together people from various countries and continents in one particular place to spend an amazing holiday on the beach. Participants of the most diverse ethnic and cultural background, almost of all age groups and of both genders that have one wonderful thing in common: passion for beach volleyball, sports and healthy lifestyle.

Skill levels

After the first training day in camp, all the participants are usually divided into groups, according to their skill level. Expertise in amateur beach volleyball varies from entry level at best to a very advanced one and these grades can be roughly arranged into several categories. To give you some idea to what skill level category you belong to, here is a classification list with short descriptions:

  • First step. You want to discover beach volleyball, but you are not used to balls sports.
  • Beginners. You have tried some sports in your life, but you are rather in indifferent physical shape. You like beach volleyball and you have decided to train and play more regularly. You have some idea about volleyball in general, but, at the same time, you are not too skilled in beach volleyball rules and the basic techniques of the game.
  • Intermediate. You started to play beach volleyball one year ago and you have made a significant progress. Or you are an athletic person and practised at a good level some other sport with similar game intensity and pattern, like tennis, for example. So that there is a good chance you will still be able to join in a team of intermediate level and integrate yourself well enough.
  • Confirmed. You have been practising beach volleyball at least for 2 years. You regularly take part in tournaments of the national championship of your country or you are a volleyball player on a regional level.
  • Advanced. You have been practising beach volleyball for several years. You have taken part in some national competitions in your country, or you have played in a volleyball team at the level similar to the French third division (Nationale 2).
  • Expert. You have been playing beach volleyball for more than 5 years now, you won some Pro tournaments in your country.

Can I participate in a beach volleyball camp if I am a beginner?

Beach volleyball camps are open for people of all skill levels. Even if you have never played it in your life, you can still join a camp being even a total beginner and train along with intermediate or advanced players.

Philosophy of beach volleyball camp

The mission is to connect people from various countries though the sports activities. Promoting a healthy lifestyle. Showing people that the World has been changed and there is no borders anymore!


First at all, the goal of any beach volleyball camp is to have a great holiday, doing your favorite sport and enjoying the process. Secondly, it is to improve your skill level and then to take part in the final tournament after the camp. Last but not least, beach volleyball camp is an occasion to meet new people from various countries, to enjoy cultural exchange in the most exciting way and to visit a new place in the world.

Typical day in a camp

  • All participants are divided into groups, according to their skill level.
  • Depending on group, training starts at 9:00 or 10:30 in the morning.
  • Depending on day, training have one or two training sessions.
  • Second training session usually begins at 16:30 in the afternoon.
  • Typical training session is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Plus 30 minutes for free game practice, that is friendly games between the participants.
  • Participants get detailed feedback from the coach to improve their skills.

Besides sport, participants will have some days free as spare time to relax, have fun, discover new things and places. Parties and group dinners are offered after the training day. Generally, typical local food and characteristic local attractions are suggested during these evenings.

Sometimes, after the dinner time, participants get together to watch a Pro game video. There you analyze a Pro game with comments from your coach about it and ask your questions on the technique, strategy or mistakes.


Coaches are often professional or ex-professional beach volleyball players. Most of them participated in numerous international tournaments and won many of them. You may even happen to meet some beach volleyball stars who are world or European champions or world tour winners.

Nowadays more often than not, training sessions in international camps tend to be hold in English, but coaches commonly speak several other languages as well. Anyway, if you are willing to speak the language of volleyball and have desire to play, you will have no problem to understand and to be understood.

Why should you once join a beach volleyball camp?

Beach volleyball camp is a perfect mix of holiday and sport. Its daily practice will help you to bring your skills to an upper level, considerably improve your physical fitness and probably lose from 1 to 3 kilograms of weight per day in the most healthy way.

You meet a lot of people from all over the world, play beach volleyball, have parties and guided tours, enjoy sightseeing, have a great time with old friends and make new ones.

How to join?

We suggest checking out the upcoming events of 2020 to choose the date and location best for your plans and mood. Most of the beach volleyball camps scheduled for spring and autumn (over season). Some are held during summertime, though.

SportSpirit usually organizes seven camps during Spring-Summer and Autumn periods. All spring, summer and autumn beach volleyball camps are held in the warm climate countries by the sea: Italy, France (French Riviera), Spain, Greece and Portugal.

Since 2019, we also run winter events. These camps are about 2-3 days long and held in those European cities, where you can find proper stadiums for indoor sand volleyball. So that you can play your favourite game on many weekends even in November, December, January or February.

Camp photos

Some camp photos of previous years. Intermediate group: last day in Bibione camp. Warming up in Mallorca. Pokey and block. General fitness training in Italy. Intermediate group in Greece. Spike on the beach in Bibione near Venice.
Coaches of SportSpirit beach volleyball camps
Olga Troshina
  • Professional indoor player in St-Petersburg (Russia) for 4 years.
  • Player of Russian Junior National team
  • Professional indoor player in France
  • Second place in Junior Russian championship
  • 8th place at Monaco CEV tournament
  • Winner of the biggest amateur tournament in the World (Mizuno Marathon)
  • Vice champion of biggest amateur tournament in the World (Mizuno Marathon)
  • Kids coach for 5 years
  • Adults coach for 5 years
Olga has trained more than 100 players from all over the World.
Speaking: Russian, French, English, Italian.
Stephane Canet
  • Ex French National team coach
  • CEO of Montpellier Beach Volley club
  • Olympic Games in Athens in 2004
  • French Champion in Beach Volley
  • 2 golden medals OR, 1 Argent, 1 Bronze World Tour 1* FIVB
  • 1 Bronze World Tour 1* FIVB, 1 Or , 2 Bronze, CEV Satellite
  • 1 Gold, 1 Bronze at WEVZA competition
  • 18ème/16 non qualification JO de RIO
  • Bronze medal of World Tour FIVB
  • Continentale Cup CEV
Speaking: French, English.


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Three typical offers from camps scheduled for 2020. For more offers and other details: Upcoming camps for adults and teenagers 2020...
Alcudia, Mallorca
June 21 - June 28
699 €
  • 8 training sessions
  • Accomodation from June 21 to June 28
  • Half board at the hotel's restaurant with drinks
  • Participation in Open tournament pf Alcudia on June 27
  • T-shirt
  • Free use of balls
  • Free use of court
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Bibione, Italy
May 9 - May 17
565 €
  • 8 training sessions
  • Spacious 1 bedroom appartment with kitchenette for 2 persons to share
  • Participation in Mizuno Marathon in two categories of your choice
  • Mizuno Marathon T-shirt
  • 1 Beach Volleyball lecture
  • Beach Volleyball courts for 9 training sessions
  • Beach Volleyball equipment
  • Free entry to Spritz Party (Friday and Saturday)
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Lavandou, Coté d'Azur
August 15 - August 23
430 €
  • 8 training sessions
  • High quality meals 3 times per day, at the restaurant in front the courts
  • Participation in Open tournament at the end of the week
  • Beach Volleyball courts for 8 training sessions
  • Beach Volleyball equipment
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